Rajat Kumar - Traveller, Biker

Hi All, My name is Rajat. 

I am a writer and a nomad. I love to travel solo on my Bike and share my experiences and also encourage others to travel and experience the world. 

I have traveled across the Himalayas and also other parts of India. On my website, you would have first hand experience of what things needs to be done at a particular place.

 I only write about places that I have visited personally. You would certainly enjoy reading my blog as I would make you experience a virtual tour with me while you are reading.

How it all started

I was working as a Team Leader in a multinational organization in Gurgaon. I was living a very satisfied life with my family. Then one day, my father called me up stating that he is seriosly ill and is coming to Delhi for check-ups. My Father was working as a School Principal and wanted to live a life travelling carrying his camera across the Globe. He came to Delhi and the Doctor declared that he is suffering from Metastatic Adenocarcinoma and that would survive only a few more months even after treatment. All his dreams to travel after retirement were shattered. He was about to retire from the services in 3 months. Even after treatment, he left us in 6 months. 

As he left us for his heavenly abode, I was in a situation which left me shattered. I decided to live the life to the fullest as we never know when the death would knock the door. I resigned from my current profile and decided to be a nomad and visit the places in India. So the trips that I had once a year were increased to once a fortnight or a month. I want to live a life so that I can fulfill my Father’s desire to visit places. I started blogs so that I can raise funds for donation to the treatment of people who want to treat Cancer. This way I would help families to be shattered from Cancer.

I hope you would enjoy reading my travel experiences and would also read my experiences in the future. Thanks.