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Do you guys know that we have a mini Goa located in Jammu & Kashmir state of India. If your answer is “NO”, keep reading and I would take you through the beautiful beach in North India called Purthu. 


Purthu is based in Basholi, in Jammu & Kashmir state of India. I decided to go to the place on my Royal Enfield from Pathankot. This place is just 35 Kilometers from Pathankot and is located on the Pathankot-Dalhousie Highway. One can find a diversion to the left, once we reach village Dunera which is around 20 kilometers from Pathankot outskirts. There is a bridge here which is cable bridge and is built over the river Ravi. The total length of the bridge is 592 meter and 350 meter is cable slayed while the rest is plain bridge. The bridge is named as Atal Bridge.


Cable Bridge, Purthu Mini Goa
Cable Bridge, Purthu Mini Goa
I clicked a few pictures while I was there. They present splendid view of the mother nature and one must visit this place to enjoy nature.
View - Purthu Mini Goa (Basholi)
View – Purthu Mini Goa (Basholi)
A few things to note while visiting this place are:
1) Carry enough eatables as there are no shops near to the Beach.
2) Do not park your vehicle near the water and be aware of the water as it tends to rise suddenly.
3) Carry a good quality camera if you want to bring home nice memories.
4) Eat the famous Aam Papad from Dunera, the village where we took the diversion to Basholi
View from Bridge - Purthu Mini Goa
View from Bridge – Purthu Mini Goa
I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this blog. Stay tuned for more exiting experiences soon.
Thanks for reading.


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