7 things to be taken care of while on a motorcycle trip

Hello Guys, are you planning for a motorcycle trip and want to know the things that needs to be taken care of while on the road. Be rest assured, I would guide you through the things that you should take care of to enjoy your rides.

So guys, here are the list of 7 things that you should take care of while on a motorcycle trip:

  • Planning: Plan your route for the day. This would allow you to plan for the Pit stops and also the cash you should carry for the day. Start your day early so that you are able to reach your destination on time. My recommendation would be not to plan a day which has riding of more than 500 kilometers.
  • Bike Inspection: Check your Bike engine oil, Brake oil and Air pressure before you start riding for the day. This would help you in getting the issue rectified there and then rather than being stuck on the road and calling the road side assistance for help.
  • Take Regular breaks & stay hydrated: Take regular breaks while on a motorcycle ride. This would help you to stay hydrated as while on a bike ride you tend to loose body water quickly and may land up being ill. This would also help your motorcycle to rest. My recommendation is to take short breaks after 100 kilometers or so (say 10 minutes) rather than taking a long break after 300 kilometers.
  • Safety Gears: Always safety gears. Never underestimate the road even for a few kilometers. You never know the driver in the trolley behind you. A small miss of not wearing the safety gears may land you in a situation you would never want to be.

Safety Gears

  • Offline Map: No matter you may be carrying world class GPS equipment but carry an offline paper map as well as you never know when the GPS signal is gone or the battery of your GPS device is dead. Also, ask local people about the route, as there may be multiple roads to your destination and they may tell you a route which may be short or with lesser potholes.

Offline Maps - Motorcycle ride (things to take care of)

  • Don’t Race: There may be people on the road, who would provoke you to race. Remember guys, you are not on the road to race, we have a circuit for that. Always maintain your calm and enjoy the ride.
  • Luggage: Make sure that the luggage is securely tied to your bike with the center of gravity of matching that of the bike. With that being said, always carry heavy luggage behind your back and the luggage in the saddle bags should weigh same at both the sides. This would increase the efficiency of the motorcycle and also make the bike more stable and would not spoil the handling.

Thanks for reading guys, stay tuned for more exiting stuff.


Enjoy your ride..

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