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Procus Rush Action Camera

Hello Guys, Are you looking for an Action Camera and dont want to go with the ones which are far too costly. If yes, guys I am going to tell you about an action camera that comes with 8000 bucks and has all the features of the costlier counter parts.

Yes, we are talking about Procus Rush Camera. This one is best suited for people who want to create their firt Vlog and dont want to go for the costlier Gopro or SJcam’s. Well people Procus Rush is so far the best action camera, I ever had. So without wasting any further time, let us talk about some of the key features of the camera:


  1. It comes with 23 accessories out of the box so you do not have to buy any accessories like curved helmet mount, handle bar mount. Not to forget that it comes with a remote control to click pictures and also to record videos. You can start and stop recording a video with it.
  2. Procus Rush comes with 2 batteries so that you don’t run out of charge while recording those awesome moments.
  3. Procus Rush records 4K videos at 30 frames per second. Apart from that it can also record videos at 1080 P and 720 P videos.
  4. Procus Rush comes with a water proof casing and is waterproof to 30 meters (100 feet). So, it is ideal for water sports as well.
  5. Procus rush comes pre-loaded with WIFI and HDMI port, so you can easily transfer your stuff to your smart phone with the help of an application that you can download from the Play Store or Apple Store.
  6. It also has an in built time lapse feature in it.


Procus Rush - My first action camera
Procus Rush – My first action camera

You can buy the camera by clicking here.

In case you want to check the quality of the videos captured with this camera, you may check: This video was captured at 720p at 30 frames per second.

The only negative thing that I observed about this device is that Procus Rush has an Internal Mic, which has good performance but some people may miss a external mic that can be fitted inside the helmet.


But looking at the price point, this is one of the best action camera that as user can buy as his or her First Action Camera.

Thanks for reading guys. Stay tuned for more exiting stuff coming soon.

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