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Hello Guys!! Do you guys want to run away from the over-crowded city of New Delhi for a weekend. If “YES”, you are at the right place. Chail is a place where you can run away from the hustle of the city and enjoy mother nature.

Chail is in Himachal Pradesh India and is very near to Solan, around 45 kilometers. Shimla is also near to Chail, around 44 kms. There is a Palace of Maharaja of Patiala which is one of the sight seeing places if in Chail.

Day 1:

I wanted to live a weekend in the Lap of Mother nature and Chail gave me this moment. We started off our journey from New Delhi at around 03:00 PM with destination in mind as Chandigarh. We aimed to reach Chandigarh by 08:30 PM. Our first pitstop was at Amrik Sukhdev, where we stopped to eat the famous Paranthas with tea. Our second Pitstop was at Karnal where we refueled our bikes and headed towards Chandigarh. We reached Ambala at 08:00 PM. Night riding was getting tough as there were large insects flying due to rainy season and we had to stop every now and then to clean the Helmet visor. To avoid riding at night, we decided to stay at Derabassi, a place around 30 kms from Chandingarh on the Ambala Highway. We rented a room in Hotel Paras for 1500 bucks for a night. The room was nice. I did click some pictures of the Hotel Room, however due to issues with my SD card, they were corrupted. Day 1 came to an end with a sound and cozy sleep at Hotel Paras, Derabassi.

Day 2:

We woke up early in the morning and moved towards Chandigarh after having breakfast at the Hotel. We had to right turn before Chandigarh towards the Chail Highway. The place where we took the diversion towards right was Zirakpur. So, we didnt got a chance to visit the city beautiful Chandigarh. We took our first pitstop at Dharampur (Bikers Cafe).

Bikers Cafe, Dharampur (Chail highway)
Bikers Cafe, Dharampur

We had our famous punjabi food of Paranthas with Curd & Butter and later a cup of Tea. The place is very nicely maintained and one can easily spot the place once we enter Dharampur. We moved further and after we reached Kandaghat, we took a diversion from the main Shimla highway towards Chail. Riding Bike on this road was heaven with no traffic and lush green mountains on either side. We reached Sadhupul, which is a small village en route Chail and looking at the scenic beauty of the place, we decided to stay at the place for the night.

Sadhupul, Chail Highway

We booked tent on the side of the river and enjoyed the mesmerizing the view along with the sound of the river flowing nearby which was high than normal due to heavy pour at the mountains. We slept in the lap of the mother nature.

Day 3:

We decided to wake up early to click some good photographs. As we clicked some good pictures, we left Sadhupul & moved towards Chail, we moved towards Chail, our destination. Chail is around 30 kilometers from Sadhupul. We reached the Chail at around 10:00 AM after enjoying the scenic beauty of the mountains. You can check out the video of the journey from Sadhupul to Chail at the following link: Chail Bike Ride. The main attractions of Chail are as follows:

  1. The Palace
  2. Cricket and Polo ground
  3. Kali Devi Temple
  4. Gurudwara
  5. Lovers Point


Chail Palace
Chail Palace

Somethings to keep in mind while visiting Chail

  • Do not drink and drive/ride.
  • If fond of wine, one can enjoy the same at the famous stalls of Himachal Tourism.
  • Carry enough cash. Possibility is you would find a few ATM’s that too may not have cash.
  • Remember plastic money is not accepted at all shops
  • Carry home pickles and jams from HPMC shops located on the road, especially the Apricot Jam and Lingree Pickle. Both are awesome.

After having breakfast at the Palace, we returned back to Delhi with many pit stops as we were tired due to non stop ride to Delhi.

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