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Hello Guys, have you purchased a Royal Enfield motorcycle or looking forward to buy one. Royal Enfields are the motorcycles that come with loads of trendy accessories. But, here are some of the accessories that you should avoid:


  • After Market Exhausts: The BS4 Royal Enfields do not make that legendary DUG-DUG sound. The sound of a new Royal Enfield is like that of an 100 CC motorcycle. Local shopkeepers would persuade you to have the Cheap silencers, that cost few hundreds. These silencers have an adverse effect on your engine and reduce the efficiency of the engine. And this is one of the biggest mistakes that a new Royal Enfield user would make. So guys, if you want to go for an after market exhaust, go for a trusted brand, like Red-Rooster Performance or a Barrel Exhaust. These exhausts are no doubt costlier than ones available at the local mechanic store, however these do not have any adverse effect on your engine performance and durability. Remember guys, all after market exhausts are illegal and some of the companies have named them as Off Road exhausts to prevent any sort of fine on them.Mini Punjab - Cheap Exhaust


  • Cheap Alloy Wheels: Royal Enfields still come with Spoke wheels and tube tires. This is to increase the durability of the machine. As Royal Enfield is a heavy machine, so to increase the stability of the machine on rather soft suspension, it comes with Spoke tires. Some guys may move to a tubeless Tyre, hence put the cheap alloy wheels available in the market. Trust me guys, this is the biggest mistake that a person can make by installing cheap alloy wheels on the Royal Enfield. They alloy wheels are prone to crack easily and also decrease the efficiency of the machine as they are quite heavy. So guys, if you want to install Alloy wheels on your machine get one which is certified and would not crack on the roads in India, where you would find potholes in bulk.
  • LED Head Lights: There are many fancy LED headlights available in the market at the moment. People would replace the Halogen headlights with these cheap Chinese headlights to get more light on the road at night. However, this is the biggest mistake that one can ever make. These lights have low wattage and also have low light. So if we compare these lights with the Halogen lights with these, Halogen headlights would have more light. With that being said, if you are still carried away with these fancy Headlights, my recommendation would be to go with lights with high wattage (70 W to 125 W), so that you do not compromise on the light during driving at night.
  • Crash Guards or Leg Guards: There are lot of choices available for crash guards in the market at the moment. Some of these are too hard and stiff, that they transfer all the impact to motorcycle, thus damaging it, while some of these are too soft that they bend easily, thus are of no use to the rider or the motorcycle. To avoid such a mistake of installing a poorly designed leg-guard, it is always recommended for new user to get a Royal Enfield certified crash guard. They are certainly costlier than the normal crash guards available in the market but they provide you with assurance that even if you crash, you are in the safe zone. Also, the ones available in the market would rust easily, so it is always recommended to get one from the Royal Enfield Service Station.

So, these are the common mistake that a new user of Royal Enfield may make.

Thanks for reading guys. Stay tuned for more attractive stories and updates.

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