What are the must have items for a motorcycle trip in India

Are you guys planning to go on a bike ride in India and looking forward to know the must have things while on a Bike Ride. The first bike trip that I did was in 2001 from Chandigarh till Shimla.

From then to now, I have gained a lot of experience and I would share some of the must have things that you should carry while on a bike ride, and I learnt them the hard way.

Riding Gears: Remember guys, safety comes first. So while you are on the road, you must wear a good quality helmet (which has ISI, DOT or a higher certification). It is always recommended to wear a full face helmet while you are going on those long rides. Apart from a helmet, also wear a CE certified jacket & riding pants or knee & elbow guards. Also, wear a good hand gloves. When shopping for these ensure that the gear is comfortable as well as stylish. These gears provide you with protection in case of a crash.


Riding Gear - Must have Motorcycle Ride

Service your Bike/carry extra spares: Ensure that you service your bike before leaving for the trip. The main spares that you should carry are:

  1. Clutch wire
  2. Throttle wire
  3. Extra Tyre Tube in case your bike tires are not tubeless
  4. In case of tubeless tires carry, a puncture repair kit

Spare Key: I remember an incidence wherein the key of my motorcycle fell into the river when the belt hook broke away. I felt helpless until a person from the motorcycle company came to fix it after I called the road side assistance. It is always advisable to carry a spare key with you and keep it apart from the main key of your bike. May be in the hand luggage that you may be carrying.

Enough Cash: Remember guys, Plastic money is still not acceptable at all places in India. So, if you are at a remote location in the Himalayas and you don’t have enough cash, you may land into a situation wherein you don’t have money to pay for food or fuel. Also, all ATM’s don’t have cash all the time. So whenever on a motorcycle trip in India, carry enough cash. Also, do keep some emergency cash away from the wallet where you carry your cash.

Pack Light: Don’t carry excessive clothing and be prepared for the weather. Carry a good quality rain coat if you are riding in the rainy season. Excessive luggage tends to occupy a lot of space and remember that you are on a motorcycle trip and not a car trip. Also, don’t carry huge bottles of toiletries. Always carry small containers.

Tank Bag: Carry a tank bag with you. You can put your important documents, a towel, some wet tissues, some cash in it. This would prevent to open your main luggage each time you stop for a break.

Extension cord: In the world of digital gadgets, please carry an extension cord so that you can charge all your equipments at one go as Hotel rooms tend to provide only one socket. You will never miss a call due to dead battery or miss to capture that perfect shot during the sunrise or sunset.

Must Have: Motorcycle Ride - Extension Cord

Apart from these also carry some basic medicines for cold, cough etc.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Have a great time on the road.

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