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World’s First Air-conditioned Helmet

Hello Guys, Do you want to go on those long rides with your machine but do not go just because of the hot weather outside. If yes, well Feher a US based company have come up with a Helmet which has a built Air-conditioner in it.

Feher, a US based company have patented a Helmet with Thermo-electric technology and they have claimed that the temperature inside the helmet would be 10-15 degrees lower than the outside temperature. There is a gadget that was launched in the past that can be tied to the chin of the helmet and would work like a Desert Cooler. However, the technology used in Feher Helmet is totally different, it has the equipment that is mounted at the rear of the helmet and it distributes the cooling evenly throughout the helmet.


Feher Air-conditioned Helmet
                                                                                   Feher Air-conditioned Helmet

The company also uses a patented tubular fabric along with the comfort liner so that the rider gets a consistent cooling. Similar technology is being used by car companies like Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lexus and General Motors.

The helmet is powered by a 12 volt battery and can be easily connected to your Bike Battery through the plugs that come installed with the helmet. Also, the helmet weighs around 1.4 kilograms and is US DOT and ECE certified. The shell of the helmet is made up of fiberglass that is reinforced into multiple layers.

Now, lets talk about the pricing and the availability of the Feher Helmet. Well people you would have to wait for getting this AC helmet as this product is available in the US only and may be available in India in the coming years. This would certainly add to the comfort of the rider and makes those summer rides enjoyable. If we talk about the price of the AC helmet, this helmet costs 600 Us dollars.

Well I would certainly be waiting for this helmet to be launched in India so that I can go on those long summer rides to Rajasthan and also enjoy the sceneic beauty of the place.

Hope you liked reading this piece of information, Stay tuned for more stuff coming soon.



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