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Motorcycle Riding Gears

Are you looking forward to buy motorcycle riding gears which includes Helmets, Jackets and gloves. If yes, you are the right place, I would guide you through the best available items and also share a link to purchase it.


Well, I have been riding for almost 20 years and became a professional rider almost 12 years back and I have tried all the riding gears available today be it helmets, jackets or gloves and today we would talk about the best available stuff as per my opinion.

So let us begin. To start with lets talk about Helmets and then we would move to riding jackets and finally gloves.

Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are one of the best friend of every rider. It protects the most delicate part of our body, head. There are many helmets available but one should prefer a helmet which is ISI certified so that in case of a crash it saves us. Also, we should prefer Full face helmet than the half face helmet as a full face helmet protects our chin line from damage in case of a crash. I have used many helmets now and the best one that I have used is a Studds Shifter Helmet (Desert Storm). It is made up of Thermoplastic which is reinforced. It’s color is very attractive (Desert Storm), so if you have a Royal Enfield Desert Storm, you must go for this helmet as this would match the color of your bike. When I first used the helmet it was a bit tight, however with time it snugly fit my head. It weighs slightly lower than 2 kilograms.


Studds Shifter_Desert Storm
Studds Shifter_Desert Storm

It also has a collapsible secondary visor for day time use. You may purchase the helmet here:  CLICK HERE


Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle Jackets give us a confidence while we are on the road. Not only they protect us from the weather but also protects us from scratches and breaking our bones in case of an accident. These come with Lining which can be removed as per the convenience. Most of these come with Thermal and Rain Lining and both of these are removable. I have been using Biking Brotherhood Jacket from the past 2 years now and I am very happy with the stuff and the protective Armour that comes with it.

Biking Brotherhood_Riding Jacket
Biking Brotherhood_Riding Jacket


The Armour are CE certified and can be removed in case you want to wash the jacket. It also comes with adjust-ability strap at the hips, collar, upper arms and cuffs. Weighing around 3 kilograms. In case you want to purchase this jacket, you may visit this link: CLICK HERE

Riding Gloves

Riding Gloves not only provide a good grip for us while riding but also protect our knuckles and palm in case of a crash. I am using Scoyco Riding gloves from over a year now. These are very comfortable and snugly fit into our hands. I have no complaints so far with them.


Scoyco Gloves
Scoyco Gloves


It is very much recommended for those long rides. You may purchase these by clicking the link: CLICK HERE


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Keep reading for more interesting information. Thanks.

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