Five Highly useful accessories for Royal Enfield Classic and Electra

Five Highly useful accessories for Royal Enfield

Do you own a Royal Enfield and want to go on long ride and want to check the accessories that can be helpful while you are on the ride. So, here is a list of accessories that you can purchase and would be highly useful while riding.

Well Royal Enfields are by far the most commonly used bikes for touring for Indian roads and here is the list of the accessories that you should must have for long rides.

Tank Bags

Tank Bags are idle for keeping those small nic-nacs like your bike documentation, Mobile Phones or a pack of cigarettes with the zippo. These come in handy to carry all the items safely. Some of them can be large enough to carry your DSLR as well. For metallic tanks they come with magnets and can be easily assembled on your tank. Also, for non-metallic tanks they can be installed on the bike tank using Velcro strips. It also comes with a rain cover. You can find a lot of them online. However, here is the link of the tank bag that I am using from Gods and it is really very durable and easy to install.  Click Here

Gods Tank Bag - Royal Enfield
Gods Tank Bag – Royal Enfield


Handgrips are very useful to have that grip on the bars. These are generally made of leather can be easily installed on your bike handle bars. Also, they add some beauty to your bike and your hands do not feel tired on those long rides. You can find a good set of handle bars here.

Saddle Bags

Saddle Bags come in handy to carry all your stuff while on a long ride. These come from many companies like Golden Riders, Gods etc. I am using the one from Golden Riders and the stuff is really very awesome. It also comes with rain covers to protect your stuff from rain. It gets fixed to the rear seat of the bike using Velcro straps and the pillion does not have any problems adjusting on the seat even with the bag. It comes with a capacity of 50 L so that you do not leave anything behind while going on the ride. You can purchase it here: Click Here

Golden Riders Saddle Bag - Royal Enfield
Golden Riders Saddle Bag – Royal Enfield



Although, I am not using a windscreen on my bike, however I am planning to buy one as it as it provides aerodynamic leverage to the bike. It is used to deflect the flow of wind from the chest of the rider. It also protects the biker from the debris including insects from hitting the rider.

Crash Guard or Leg Guard

Leg guards are very important for those long rides as it saves the rider in case of that crash. It also protects the motorcycle chassis and engine from hitting the ground in case of that accident. But you need to ensure that the Leg guard is from a very good company. It should not be that hard or that soft. I would recommend that you purchase the leg guard from the Royal Enfield dealership.
No doubt that the price would be on the higher end however considering the safety of the bike and the rider one should get it installed.

So, these were the list of the higly useful accessories that you should install on your Royal Enfield Classic, Electra or any other model of Royal Enfield.

I hope that this would be useful to all. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more stuff coming soon.


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