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Kasol –┬áMini Israel

Are you planning to visit Kasol and enjoy the weather and want to know the places to visit while in Kasol and the things to do. If yes, you are at the right place. Today, we would discuss my experiences while I visited Kasol on my Royal Enfield.

Kasol is also known as mini Israel and is in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is the base camp to do Kheerganga and Malana Treks. It is also known as mini Israel due to strong Jewish influence. Kasol is also famous for the music festival that happens every year on new year eve.


Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

So, as we were talking about Kasol, the place is around 530 kilometers from my residance in New Delhi. I decided to complete the journey solo on Royal Enfield with an intend to reach Kasol the same day. It was rainy day of August and I left New Delhi at around 05:00 AM in morning. I decided to take the route from Delhi to Chandigarh then to Mandi and finally reach Kasol. With no traffic on the way, I took my first pitstop at Neelkanth Dhaba in Sonipat near Murthal and if you are riding a bike, you would get an attractive discount at the Dhaba. I had tea with Bread Toasts and moved on.

I reached Ambala at around 09:00 AM and thereafter I moved towards Chandigarh. I took my second pitstop at Chandigarh walaya da Dhaba just after crossing Ambala on the highway. I refuelled at a near Petrol pump. Now there is a diversion to the left which I missed. I took a U-turn and took the diversion and moved towards Ropar, also known as Roopnagar. After Roopnagar, one would have to take a right turn and take the road that goes towards Bilaspur. After Ropar, one would be able feel the cool wind and this is the place where one would enter the mountains leaving the plains behind.

I reached Bilaspur by 01:00 PM and took a Pitstop here. I had tea and be aware that you tell the Dhaba owner to put sugar in control otherwise be prepared to drink that would be more like a Sharbat and not tea. I moved towards Mandi. After Mandi, the road is damaged at some point but I was able to manage to move on as I wanted to reach by destination by evening as riding in the hills at night becomes dangereous and I was riding alone.

At Bhuntar, I took a right turn and moved towards Kasol. Remember, that the right turn goes towards Kullu and Manali. Finally, I reached Kasol at 07:00 PM. I check in to a Guest house which I got for Rs 1000 including Breakfast.

So, after Kasol I explored the following places and these are places of interest that you cannot miss while you are in Kasol:

  • Kheer Ganga Trek
  • Manikaran Sahib
  • Tosh Village
  • Malana Village
  • Parvati River
  • The Grand Indrahar Pass
Manikaran Sahib - Kasol
Manikaran Sahib – Kasol

I took around 2 days to fully explore and finally return back to my home place in New Delhi.


Tirthan Valley - Kasol
Tirthan Valley – Kasol

Here are some points that I learnt while visiting Kasol:

One should enjoy the Israeli exotic foods while you are in Kasol
The best time to visit Kasol with the family would be June, July and August while a solo traveller can visit Kasol any time except the monsoon weather.
If you are travelling solo and on a motorcyle ensure that you are carrying cluth wire, throttle wire and a spare tyre and spark plugs as well.

One can also reach Kasol by Air, the nearest Airport is Kullu Airport which is around 30 kilometers from Kasol and one can hire a taxi from the Airport to Kasol. It takes around an hour to reach Kasol from Kullu Airport. One can also reach Kasol by Train. One would have to reach Pathankot Junction first and then take a toy train from Pathankot till Joginder Nagar. Kasol is around 150 kilometers from Joginder Nagar and one can hire a taxi to reach this place.

Hope that this article would be helpful to plan a visit to Kasol.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more stuff coming soon.

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