Sunday Ride to Garam Dharam | Independence Day | Dharmendra’s Dhaba

Independence Day Ride to Garam Dharam, Murthal

Hello Guys, are you planning to go on a Sunday Ride to Garam Dharam, Murthal (The famous Dharmendra’s Dhaba), if your answer is Yes, you are at the right place. I would take you to Garam Dharam along with me to have a virtual tour of the place.

Well, it was August 15th that we decided to go to Garam Dharam on a ride. We were 45 riders and all had different models of Royal Enfield. We had a motto in our mind to pick up each and every flag that was dropped on the way and to pay respect to our National Flag.

We assembled at Karnal Bypass at 07:00 AM and as flagged off at 07:30 AM after all riders were there. There were some strict rules to the ride, some of them were:

  • No after market exhausts fitted on bikes
  • Headlights to be kept on with low beam
  • No overtaking, everybody to ride in 2 by 2 formation
  • Riding gear compulsory for both rider and pillion

Garam Dharam is around 60 kilometers from Delhi Bypass and is owned by the famous bollywood celebrity Dharamendra ji. After being flagged off, we rode towards Garam Dharam, picking up each and every tri-color on the road. We reached Garam Dharam at around 09:00 AM and had breakfast which included Paranthas with Butter and Lassi. I would say the service provided by Garam Dhara, was very poor and seriously needs some improvement. One of the Paranthas had a hair in it. After we complained to the Manager in charge, he became adamant that it was we who must have thrown hair into the Parantha. It was a very bitter experience at the restaurant. No doubt the Lassi served was awesome. Also, the place hosted a old Jeep, Auto and the famous Royal Enfield that was in the movie Sholay. People were getting their pictures clicked with these articles.


I would recommend to go to Food garage if you want to go for a ride, which is much better place. You can find the link to the experience, I had at Food Garage here. Remember Food Garage is not far off from this place, it is only 25 kilometers from this place.

Hope you enjoyed reading my article. Please provide your feedback and experience that you had if you ever had been to this place in the section below.


Garam Dharam, Murthal
Garam Dharam, Murthal

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more exiting stuff coming soon. Cheers !!

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