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Bike Ride to Chakrata

Did you know that Chakrata is around 320 kilometers from New Delhi and is the nearest place where one can experience snow fall in the winters. Well to know more about Chakrata and the places of interest near Chakrata. We would also discuss about my experience on a Royal Enfield to Chakrata.

Chakrata is in the state of Uttarakhand, India and is around 100 kilometers from the state capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun. It was a long weekend a I decided to go on a solo bike ride to Chakrata.

My journey started at 04:00 AM in the morning and I decided to take the route from Delhi to Karnal, then to Paonta Sahib via Yamunanagar and finally reach Chakrata through Dehradoon. I took my first pit stop at Food Garage and is a nice place to have a small pit stop. I was maintaining an average speed of 70-80 kilometer per hour and I took the diversion to the right that goes to Yamunagar from Karnal. If you are new to this place, ensure that you don’t miss the sign board for Yamunanagar.

After I reached Yamunanagar, I took a short pit stop on the road that goes towards Paonta Sahib. The hills had started once I left Yamunanagar and looking at the views I was spellbound. There are some patches on this road that go through thick jungle and the vehicles are advised not to stop at these places as there is a risk of wild animals.

From Paonta Sahib, it is around 3 hours journey to Chakrata. I rested for a while at Paonta and had Langar at the Gurudwara Sahib in Paonta Sahib. I finally reached Chakrata at around 03:00 PM in the afternoon. I checked in the hotel Snow View and decided to move around the place, exploring the surrounding places. Hotel Snow View is an awesome hotel and one can get a room for around 1500 INR.


Hotel Snow View-Chakrata
Hotel Snow View-Chakrata

Here are some of the places that should be explored while in Chakrata:

  • Tiger Hills is around 20 kilometers from Chakrata. The falls are very noisy and sounds like a Tiger and hence are called Tiger Falls.
  • Budher also known as Moila Danda is a place for the nature lovers. One can click awesome pictures at this place.
  • Kanasar is a deodar forest and is around 20 kilometers from Chakrata
  • Chilmiri is the Sunset point and is just 5 kilometers from the main market of Chakrata


Chakrata, Uttarakhand
Chakrata, Uttarakhand

Some points to be remembered while in Chakrata:

  • Chakrata is a non commercial tourist place, so one should not expect great hotel, restaurants or a mall road for shopping, like in Shimla or Manali.
  • Chakrata is a cantonment area and hence photography is banned at some places so it is recomended that one can check the notice boards.
  • There are some areas where you would have problems with the mobile phone networks. I was carrying Airtel and it did not work down hill.
  • The best time to visit is throughout the year expect monsoons as it is very slippery during monsoons. One can expect snow as well during winters and is the nearest place near Delhi where one can find snow.

I stayed at Chakrata for a night and started my journey back to Delhi at around 12 noon and reached Delhi at around 10:00 PM in the night.

So this was about Chakrata. Thanks for reading and enjoy your holidays at Chakrata.

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