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Lakhamandal Temple

Are you planning to visit Lakhamandal Temple in Uttarakhand. If your answer is “Yes”, you are at the right place, in today’s article we would discuss more about the temple, how to reach and the things you should consider while going to the temple.

Lakhamandal is a Shiva temple in Uttarakhand state of India. It was a long weekend and my friend, Manish Khosla and I decided to visit the Lakhamandal temple. We decided that we should go from Delhi to Paonta Sahib and move to Chakrata and finally go to Lakhamandal.

So, we started our ride from Delhi on Thrusday at around 05:00 AM in the morning and took our first pitstop at Amrik Sukhdev. We had our breakfast and moved further towards Karnal and took the right turn that took us towards Yamunanagar and finally Paonta Sahib. We visited the Gurudwara Sahib at Paonta Sahib and later moved towards Chakrata. We reached Chakrata at around 06:00 PM in the evening and it was pitch dark in the mountains. It was really cold with temperatures dropping to around 5 degrees Celsius.

Hotel Snow Valley Chakrata
Hotel Snow Valley Chakrata

We booked our room in Hotel Snow Valley. The hotel owner charged us 2,500 INR for two nights. We felt that we cracked an awesome deal. However, the services in the Hotel were very bad. The Hotel service was really very poor. But as Chakrata is not a commercial hill station so we could not expect more than that. Although the hotel gave marvelous view of the mountains during sunrise. The hotel is situated downhill around 1 kilometer from the main road and is free from all types of pollution.

Lakhamandal Temple Route
Lakhamandal Temple Route

We slept as we were tired of the full day ride. The next day, we woke up early and captured some really good shots of the sunrise. Thereafter, we decided to go on a single bike to Lakhamandal as there are no petrol pumps in the vicinity and the nearest petrol pump was 60 kilometers. We departed from Chakrata at around 10:00 AM and we thought that it would just take 2-3 hours to reach Lakhamandal as it was just 61 kilometers from Chakrata. But we were wrong as we moved towards Lakhamadal, we reached a place called Gauraghat, there were no signboards on the road and the one that was there took us to an off roading experience of 20 kilometers and we reached Lakhamandal at 02:00 PM. It was a pure off roading experience with no shops, no houses and we were able to see people after every 4 to 5 kilometers.

Lakhamandal Chakrata Road
Lakhamandal Chakrata Road

We stayed at the Lakhamandal temple for around an hour. The temple was built by the Pandavas and it is believed that the dead came to life for a few minutes if were bought to the temple. Also, there are Shiv Lingams of different colors representing the different Yugas as per the Hindu Mythology. Apart from that, there is also a Shiv Lingam, where one can go ahead and offer water and milk to Lingam and one can see the image of himself or herself, like one does in a mirror.

We left Lakhamandal at around 03:00 PM and took the other way to Gauraghat which was a paved road, however was around 2 kilometers more than one we took while coming towards Lakhamandal. We took our Lunch at Quansi, another small village and you would not believe me that 5 Rotis, Dal and Beans costed us just 60 bucks. The place was so affordable. I got a chance to speak to one of the locals and he told me that majority of the people have migrated to the cities in search of the better living. Also, the people in the village still practice Barter system for their daily needs. He also served us with a special juice made from flowers and it tasted awesome. He called it Buransh juice. He told us that serving this juice to the guests is the most Honorable thing to do at their place. The petrol in our bike was in reserve and you would not believe that we refueled at a grocery shop, yes you read it right a grocery shop for 95 Rs. per Liter when the cost in Delhi is 82 Rs. per Liter.


Beautiful View - En-route Lakhamandal
Beautiful View – En route Lakhamandal

We stopped at Tiger hill which was just 10 kilometers from Chakrata. The Tiger hill is a waterfall with splendid views. One would enjoy spending some time at this place. We moved towards Chakrata and stayed at the same hotel.

The next morning, we checked out of the hotel and moved towards Delhi. We again followed the same route and reached Paonta Sahib. We visited the Royal Enfield service center as due to the off roading, my chain was all dry. The Service center people denied to provide me with the spray cans of the cleaner and lubricant. The service center people told me that they do have it available, however would not sell it. Sound funny. They charged me 180 Rs. for the chain cleaner and lubricant.

We continued our journey towards Delhi and reached Delhi at around 07:00 PM. It was really a very good riding experience and an awesome company of Manish, without which this would not have been possible.

Here are few points that one should remember while visiting Lakhamandal Temple:

  • Carry Petrol cans with you for an emergency
  • Carry spare parts with you, make sure to carry chain cleaner and lube as the nearest Royal Enfield service center was at Paonta Sahib.
  • There are no hotels in Lakhamandal so make sure that you plan in such a way that you reach back Chakrata on time (before it gets dark) as the road conditions are not that good and there are no street lights as well.
  • There are proper eating spots as well in Lakhamandal so make sure that your tummy is full at Quansi as that is the nearest spot where one can expect good food.
  • Don’t expect great hotels in Chakrata as well as it is not commercial as other hill stations
  • Carry home the Buransh juice and Rajma.

Thanks for reading and best of luck for your journey to Lakhamandal.


2 thoughts on “Lakhamandal Temple | Bike Ride | How to reach | History | Photos

  • October 23, 2018 at 4:38 am

    Awesome journey with amazing company like you my friend. Keep this spirit up and I am eagerly looking forward for next ones.
    I already suggested you some off beats locations.

    • October 23, 2018 at 4:39 am

      Really awesome experience. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to cover more mile in the future.
      Keep Throttling.


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