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What is Royal Enfield One Ride

Did you know that Royal Enfield one ride is an annual event and that it happens globally. So, if you want to learn more about One Ride and also want to participate in it, keep reading and we would discuss more about the Royal Enfield World’s famous One Ride.

In 2018 Royal Enfield conducted 293 rides in 171 cities across the Indian sub-continent. It happens in UK, Taiwan, France, Germany, Italy, United States apart from India. I took part in the One Ride that was conducted in April 2018 and it was a very good experience.

Our One Ride started from Gurgaon Toll Plaza, near Ambience Mall. There were around 1000 riders who participated in this ride. We started at around 08:00 AM in the morning and the place where we would ride till was Golden Tulips Hotel, which was situated on the Gurgaon Faridabad road.


Royal Enfield One Ride
One Ride

We moved in 2 by 2 formation and people were standing on the sides of the streets as we were moving. People were cheering and recording videos of so many roaring Royal Beasts on the road. We moved from Amibience mall to Cyber Park, Gurgaon and then Sikanderpur and thereafter took the Gurgaon Faridabad road.

We reached our destination, The Golden Tulips Hotel, we were welcomed by guests and the staff of the Hotel. The ride was organized by Mr. Joel David, who is associated with Royal Enfield for so long now. Michelin Tires were also invited to the event and one of the guests from the company gave a speech as well and also announced a special discount for the Royal Enfield One Ride Riders.

It was followed by the speech from Mr. Joel who happily discussed about his experiences being a part of the Royal Community. Afterwards, breakfast was served, sandwiches, juices, milk shakes and pakoras were served along with tea. A special counter was also opened for people who wanted to eat Chole Bathuras.

After the breakfast, we left the place again in the same formation. It was short but a really enjoyable and memorable ride.

Now, if we talk how one can participate in the One Ride, well the ride normally happens in the month of April, you can go to the Royal Enfield’s official website and enroll yourself for the ride at the nearest city or place near you. Also, apart from this ride, Royal Enfield also conducts many rides across the year, you can participate in that as well.

We were also provided with badges and stickers of the One Ride. One such sticker is on my helmet and badge is on my riding jacket from Biking Brotherhood.

Thanks for reading guys and if you want to need more, feel free to comment and I would respond as soon as I can.


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